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HOPE & Animal is committed to carrying out activities that support its mission of supporting non-governmental organizations in the areas of Health, Education, Income Generation and animal welfare in short for People and Animal for better environment.

One avenue for lending support is through mini-grants that help NGOs & individuals keep their activities alive. HOPE & Animal makes small sums of money available to further the programming efforts of non-governmental organizations. NGOs complete a simple one-page application stating contact information, providing a description of current activities and the way a mini-grant would further the organization's work. As well, they explain the specific objectives of the activity for which funds are requested, and give a timeline for completion of the work. Application must include

How will the project continue to function after the small grant is finished?

What other sources of funding do you have or are you applying for?

How will the project be monitored and evaluated?

What if we come to know about misuse of funds? write us the legal procedure of action in your country and method of recovery of the grants provided

HOPE & Animal reviews each application and during the selection process asks for input from local experts to gain a better understanding of the local context and specialized needs of organizations.

HOPE & Animal has two funding cycles: January to June and July to December. Applications are due by the 1st day of the last month of the funding period.




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