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The Board

Sailendra N Roy, BS,DVM
Doctor of veterinary medicine. He has a facility at Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, where he provides a full service in preventive animal health care, nutritional & alternative therapy for pets from local community residents. He is also closely associated with ASPCA, Humane Society Shelter and offer s services for sick or injured animals from the shelter at no cost or reduced cost. He is been involved with these activities over 20 years.

Dr. Kausik Roy, MD has been with the organization for short time and is dedicated to extending a helping hand to organizations based in India, South East Asia and Africa for the cause of reducing the human sufferings by dissipating the knowledge of health science, educating locals about health, hygiene and disease. He has visited India and seen the sufferings.

Ms Melissa Hurst, has been closely associated with Dr. Roy’s facility for many years providing care for sick and injured animals. She is a devout animal lover. She is excited and thankful to make her dedication to animal and human welfare globally.

Mr Praveen Ohal The inspiration behind HOPE and Animal. Based in Ranchi, Jharkhand State, India

Mrs. Sweta Roy wife of Mr. Chandrashekhar Roy, who has spent her entire life in Jharkhand State, India. She is a retired School Principal.

Many Volunteers help us in the development issues by providing their time.





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Please buy products and services from our Donors Part of sale proceedings goes to Human beings and Animal welfare activities in Asia and Africa

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All our products are sourced from wholesalers who operate a fair trade policy or directly from suppliers in developing nations using fair trade principles.

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Ambassador Animal Hospital is a full service AAHA accredited veterinary hospital since 1950