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Our Current Projects

Hope and Animal Trust, Khunti, India
Run by our colleague, Praveen Ohal, Hope and Animal Trust in the Ranchi District of Jharkhand, India was our inspiration. In an area where a high percentage of the population is of the marginalized, indigineous Munda tribe, Mr Ohal's organization works to help the local people improve their lives and environment. We have assisted with funding Self Help Groups, microfinancing loans for local people, training programs for youths and women and sterilization and care programs for street dogs. We are presently assisting with funding for a dairy farming project for local villages. Visit their website.

Autistic Children
"Imagine you were in a foreign, noisy and crowded city at night, not understanding the language spoken, recognizing a few words but not really comprehending situations taking place around you, wanting to express a need for help but not being able. This experience may begin to help you relate to what a child with autism feels on an ordinary day."

Autism is a complex brain disorder that causes a range of developmental problems, most notably in the ability to communicate and socialize with other people. The first signs of this disorder typically appear by age 3 and continue through life.

We work with two organisations supporting autistic children in Kolkata and Bhopal in India.

Read more about the Kolkata centre

Read more about the Bhopal centre

Read more about the Keur Massar Community of Senegal in Africa





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